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الموقع الالكتروني
Discord Discord
الإصدار Season 4 Episode 6 Season 4
النوع Balanced 9999999x Fun to Play
الموقع الجغرفي United Kingdom
أحرز هدفا1798
التحديث الأخير29 Dec 2022
تاريخ الانضمام13 Jul 2016



Exp: MAXIMAL, Drop: 80%,
Season 4 Episode 6 REMASTERED
Online 24/7/365, Active GMs and ADMINs, Events, Castle Siege, Forum, Offattack, Auto Party, Auto Reset, Same spot Reset, PvP and NonPvP Subservers, Auctions for ingame currency, Vote Reward system, Achievement system, 200+ ONLINE PLAYERS, OVH dedicated Hosting(99,999% uptime)


Very good server, with good people. I highly recommend you to play here !!!


Very good server, active players and friendly atmosphere.


Hello, NoLimit is true max server with friendly staff thats for sure.


  • true 9999x + nice package for new players to start with.
  • option for offline leveling and /attack command (trust me make SM/MG find spot type /attack 9 and you become top in no time!).
  • lots of rewards & events you get items cash etc...
  • balanced pvp.
  • friendly community if you join discord there is always someone who will help you or answer any question you have.
  • combo of /attack & /auto reset commands give you opportunity to skip all endless grinding w/o any 3rd party programs no sweat.


  • friendly community - you might get scolded just for mocking someone or provoking a little.
  • balanced pvp - if you are someone who look for making full stat BM and trash everyone around, its not for you.
  • premium valut is "gold" after few GR its most worthless thing, there is nothing to buy for it and if you want to donate insted of buing seeds or SoL you can only buy more gold...
  • VIP prices are unreasonable.

i highly recommend server if you got back to mu like me after many years, or if you are veteran who love to sit in lorencia and pvp all day.


Best server that I have played 💪😎 friendly atmosphere and helpful admins. They will help you when it's need 👌Keep going this way guys! 😎


Balance PVP
Nice Comunity
Active Admins/GMs