Alice Palace

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الإصدار 1.8 1.19
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United States
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التحديث الأخير24 Dec 2022
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    I know its cold outside, and most people are inside doing something like video games. If you play Minecraft, then I have something for you. First,  if you're playing on Java, (PC and Mac), click "Multiplayer", then go to direct connect and type If you're on Bedrock, (Microsoft Store, IOS, Android, Xbox, etc.), then click "Play". After that, you can click on "Servers" and scroll to the bottom. Then click on add server. You can name this whatever you want, but the server IP is and the port is 25585. This fun Minecraft server is called Alice Palace, based on our dog, ALICE! It has three gamemodes, (more coming soon) Skyblock, Kit-PvP, and Duels. In the Skyblock gamemode, you start on a small island, then you buy stuff (with in-game money) to expand and upgrade your island. In the Kit-PvP gamemode, you do /kit and select one of the kits above by doing /kit. In Duels, you 1v1 other players in a private arena! You can buy in-game perks in stuff on our website,!
    We also have bedrock java cross-play!
Java IP:
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Bedrock Port: 25585