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الإصدار 1.17.1
النوع Survival Custom Mobs Custom Map Quests Events Friendly Community No Pay To Win
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التحديث الأخير16 Sep 2021
تاريخ الانضمام13 Sep 2021


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G'day mates!

MineCapital is hosted in Australia, but we welcome anyone from around the world.

We're a classic Minecraft SMP server enhanced with RPG features:
- Epic custom map with hand-crafted biomes
- Dozens of NPCs with unique dialogue that you can talk to and trade with
- A work in progress main questline
- An end-game zone with powerful custom mobs
- mcMMO adds skills and progression
- PvP and PvE zones

We also have social events planned (see our discord):
- War arenas (kit PvP)
- Dueling tournaments
- Building contests
- Parkour courses
- Spleef contests

Another unique part of MineCapital is that there are no microtransations or pay to win masquerading as "donations" which is unfortunately far too common with Minecraft servers.

Our staff are Minecraft veterans of 10+ years. Anyone who wants to play some great Minecraft and make new friends is encouraged to join. No whitelist or greylist, just join the server and optionally our discord.

See you in-game mates.