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الموقع الالكتروني 1vie.fr
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Welcome to 1vie.fr! Here is some information about the server:

The Minecraft server 1Vie.fr offers you the opportunity to test your survival and adaptation skills in an ultra-hostile environment in a totally anarchic atmosphere. 1Vie.fr offers its members the opportunity to rediscover their primary instincts in an ultra hardcore game without plugins (100% Vanilla) and without life regeneration. 

> 1vie.fr is faithful to the unique Minecraft Vanilla survival experience. There are 0 plugins or mods that alter the basic gameplay experience that players are looking for. Quickly join a hostile world with other people. Will they be your allies? Or your enemies... It's up to you!

> On your first login you will be randomly teleported to the pre-generated map. Find your wild instincts because here there is no room for error. The ultra-hardcore experience will not do you any favours. The first time you make a mistake, you'll be kicked off the server. 

> Would you kill the first person you meet or would they kill you? If you were to meet a player, would they be a potential ally or prey? Are you being watched? These are the questions that you must continually ask yourself on 1Life.com and only you have the answers. We can only offer you the playground.

**Join the adventure: https://1vie.fr/en **/ **IP: play.1vie.fr**

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