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عنوانIPالخاص بالخادم
الحالة Online
التنبيه الأخير30 minutes 7 seconds ago
الإصدار 1.16.5
النوع PvP Survival Spigot Semi Vanilla
الموقع الجغرفي
United States
أحرز هدفا0
التحديث الأخير10 Apr 2021
تاريخ الانضمام16 Mar 2021


Welcome to SalvosNetwork. We are a new server dedicated to deliver fun by playing minecraft.
In our server you can play semi-vanilla survival with friends and other players.

We have:
- Active staff │ Our staff are almost always online and keeps an eye on everything
- Own built spawn │ I built the spawn by myself so let me know if you like it 😄
- Random world tp │ In the spawn there are portals to teleport to a random location so you don't find someones base every 1000 blocks
- Friendly Community │ Although we are a new server we are very serious in keeping it friendly
- Discord server
- Land Claiming/No griefing │ Keep your place and stuff safe
- Every week an end reset │ Every week the end will automatically reset
- Home tp's │ You can set homes by a command and teleport to the set location
- Anti Cheat │ It is not possible to cheat so people can't disturb or kill you

Main languages: English, Dutch

We would love it if you join and start your survival in our server.

We are planning to add more gamemodes in the future.

اللاعبين المتواجدين - الـ24 ساعة الأخيرة