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النوع MMORPG Multiplayer Open World 34
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التحديث الأخير12 Aug 2023
تاريخ الانضمام12 Aug 2023


Welcome to a New Gaming experience of Eternity, where Genshin meets Bless,

You wanna Play Genshin ? Do it, and get rewards for Bless , while you Leveling up on Genshin you can claim Rewards for Bless Unleashed.

You need a Break from Genshin ? Dont worry just Play Bless Unleashed, and claim your Rewards there which you gathered by playing Genshin, those are the Genshin Rates

  • Increased Primo Gems from Rewards by x10
  • Increased Character EXP from Monsters by x2
  • Activated Battlepass Primo Rewards from there are x10
  • Increased Quest Reward EXP by x2
  • Added Reward Mails, when reaching Certain levels you will be Rewarded.
  • You will get on every 5 Level 250x Fragile Resin

Every 10 Level you do in Genshin you have the possibility , to claim Credits for Bless Unleashed, where you can buy stuff From the Webshop for Bless, So get rewarded for Playing Genshin for our Other game


Characters like Wanderer, Altheim are working and are full functional


Server changes are working on Suggestions, bring your suggestions for Genshin , so the game can get better for you

Location: EU


Check out the Homepage and join our Discord , Keep in mind we have 2 Games , Genshin, and Bless Unleashed