Die 4te Offenbarung

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التحديث الأخير21 Apr 2021
تاريخ الانضمام29 Apr 2017


Die 4te Offenbarung D4O ist ein Kostenloser D4O Server mit einizgartigen Charme und einer tollen Community. Betrete jetzt die Welt von Althea und beweise deine Fähigkeiten Das Spiel bietet trotz seines alters ein einzigartiges Skillsystem und alle Freiheiten sein eigenes Build zu gestalten

Change Logs
17 Aug 2017




Dialsoft Changelog v1.72:

• T4CUpdate (updated webpatch for downloading files and it provides mo
re information).
• Questbook (to view available, in progress and completed quests) - though will be active in time.
• Emoticons (in-game smileys).
• RolePlay Modes (to start or join roleplay events with other players).
• PVP System (a capture the flag pvp system).
• Interaction Points (earned from the RP and PVP systems).
• Automated CC’s for the RP/PVP systems (announcements, etc).
• FX Audio (ambient sounds).
• Listed Storage Chest (with tabs similar to the auction house).
• Modifications to the AH (more stability and ability to sell more items).
• Corrections (server security and stability).


Video von D4O v1.72: