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الإصدار Episode 29
النوع High Rate Balanced Mid Rate Customs Extreme Rate
الموقع الجغرفي Singapore
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التحديث الأخير17 Nov 2021
تاريخ الانضمام30 Oct 2021


EP8-29 Contents

Cabal Desu is a None - Profit Server that insures content quality for players to enjoy.

Server Information:


Server Rates:

200 Max Level

350% Exp

350% War Exp

500% Pet Exp

x3 Drop per items

Server Contents:

Capsule Quest (Take your Questing to a whole new lvl)

Daily Events


Newbie Kit

Upgrade/Exchange Gear to the next level

Dash/Fade Combo

Newest Wings/Costumes (Animated)

No - EPIC/OP Accesories


Online Prizes

Seasonal Events

BM 2 Macro

PA/PD System

Premium Service (Max Sapphire)

Ecoins per/Hour Gameplay

Dungeon Rewards / Exchange

Runes Certificate System

Weekly World Boss Unique Item Drops

New EP 29 Skills/Upgrades

Passive Buffs

Newest Dungeon (Terminus Machina)

Guild Dungeon (Dimensional Flame)

Server Utility & Functionality

Server Location - Singapore

Fast/Smooth Host with no lag from USA-ASIA

Anti DDoS by CloudFlare

High End Website Functionality

24/7 Staff Monitoring & Activeness

Reliable Server Updates (Bases on player suggestion)