HellGround - 2.4.3

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网站 wow.mimeg.eu
版本 2.4.3
类型 No Bugs Scripted Raids PVP Blizzlike Instant 70 free T3 set
最近更新02 Aug 2022
加入日期01 Dec 2021


join to our new project HellGround 2. This server is follower of closed HellGround server which was famous by very well scripting.
This new HellGround 2 server has also all scripts working to give you full Blizzlike experience.
Server version is 2.4.3
All rates are set to Blizzlike i.e. 1x, but you have option:

  • Play blizzlike game (without below advantages) or
  • Complete quest to get instantly level 60
  • Complete another quest to get instantly level 70
  • Complete quest to get 1000 gold for training and mount
  • Complete another quest to get 6300 gold for training and fly mount
  • Purchase Tier 3 set and weapon to have basic equipment
  • Login your other characters as bots (experimental feature)

Registration webpage: http://wow.mimeg.eu
Realmlist:  set realmlist wow.mimeg.eu

Join us. Register and enjoy game :)