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排名155 Random Server
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版本 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King 3.3.5
类型 High Rates High Stats Custom skills Custom Content PVEPVP Voting Rewards Funserver
最近更新27 Jan 2021
加入日期14 Dec 2020


PVE/PVP World. Starting level 15 with custom skills and teleports to all main cities. All Horde/Alliance reputation to exalted in the beginning. Access to all dungeons/raids without group, LFG will find you a dungeon without group. Fully scripted dungeons and raids. High item stats, transmogrifier, instance reset, guild houses, high rates from 1 to 10 pick what you prefer the most. World chat, premium system. Server updates every week, growing community with a fresh player base. Come and join us, try out this server!
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