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版本 3.3.5a
类型 Instant 60 Blizzlike Arenas Custom Content Transmogrifier Crossfaction Friendly Staff Donate Reward Medium Rates Events
最近更新25 Apr 2020
加入日期25 Apr 2020


We are built on the latest Azerothcore and host of amazing Modules.

-Autobalance, scaled and tested with single players all the way up to large groups!
-Quick Start, begin your adventure at level 60, fighting through Outland, Eventually Northrend and beyond!

-Enhanced EXP, gain EXP quickly, with 3x rates until level 80, and development planned for up to level 100!
-Custom Gems, Custom Enchants, Custom Gear, Weapons, Displays and Models based on Cata through BFA!

-Outland and Northrend untouched, All of Azeroth has been updated to support the New Blizzard Maps! (in development)
-Visit your favorite Wow places such as Vash'Jir or Pandaria, or even Timeless Isle! (in development)

-Enjoy upcoming Custom Raids and Custom Content with an interesting plot and storyline (in development)

**Patches required to view new content, none required be limited to Wotlk Content**

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