Pirates Dream Online

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排名7 Random Server
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类型 Pvm Pvp Fun Medium Mazes Dungeons Pve High Rate Custom Friendly Staff
United States
最近更新06 Feb 2020
加入日期06 Feb 2020


Welcome to our Brand New custom Tales of Pirates Private Server! Below are a FEW of our features. there's tons more to see in our game, come check us out!

Server Rates:
Solo Exp = 3x
Party Exp = 5x
Max lvl = 115
max fairy level = 75

Demonic World - All floors. Farm money, ref gems and more!

Forsaken City - All Floors, Farm money, Azz gems and more!

Dark Swamp - All Floors, Farm money, great gems and more!

Chaos Argent - slaughter your foes (or friends!) for materials for an admiral cape and other great items!

Leveling Maze - quick way to gain some needed exp and reputation!

Server Features

Anti Bot system
Terror cape / Admiral cape!
with 7 upgrade levels and forgable runestones!
Upgradeable headband and ring!

over 23 pets! (Not including mordo jr, new anela's or normal pets!)

Many custom apparels including: Custom Ring glow apparels,Custom colored name change apparels, custom wings and more!
Custom Level 4 Gem Combine

Instant skills npc

Instant Job chooser NPC
And so much more! come join our comunnity and have a great time :)