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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
类型 Voting Rewards 10x Gather Offline Raid Block Custom Map Custom Plugins VIP Kits Backpacks
United States
最近更新20 Jun 2020
加入日期14 Jun 2020


Boogston's Private Reserve is a modded server created for those of us who have busy schedules but still want to play Rust. Currently serving the Hawk Ridge Island custom map by Keirox. You can find out all of the details about us at

What We Do:
Offline Raid Block
Persistent Backpacks
No Trash Blueprints
5 Minute Nights
10x Stone/Wood/Cloth Only
No Cheesy Mod Overlays
Triple Crate Stacking
Balanced VIP + Vote Rewards
Simple Kits

What We Don't Do:
Pay To Win
Unbalanced VIP Kits
Trash Maps
RP Store or Economics
Offline Griefing
TP to your friends
XP-based anything

For those of us with full time jobs and families, it's hard to keep up with the people who can play all day. We aim to help everyone have fun with the game and not feel outpaced. A full description of our maps, mods, and how we've modified the game is all available at

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