EUK RustyLake x10

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排名349 Random Server
网站 网站
Discord Discord
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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
类型 10x Gather tpsethome kits Friendly Admins Noob Friendly
United Kingdom
最近更新11 Mar 2020
加入日期11 Mar 2020


Welcome to [EUK]RustyLake x10 Solo/Duo/Trio


• Our rules and commands can be found under /info in-game.
• Server wipes every 2 weeks (Map/BP/Zlevels)
• 3 Player Max Group Size(Clan/Roaming/Raiding)
• Active Friendly Admins

A Friendly Server for Pro's and Noob's alike!
We have Kits Available and New Kits become available as you rank up(based on playtime)
Lots of unique plugins All Commands for these can be found on our help page by typing /info
We also offer VIP and VIP+ Packages.
Active and Friendly Admins. Admins DO NOT play on the server PVP or raid

Come and Join us, have Fun and get ready for a challenge.

Any problems or just want to have an input into our server just contact an admin

Monthly competitions: Win Free games.
Skin Competition every Month. *Winner gets to see their skin on all [EUK] Servers and also gets VIP status for 1 month FREE *

If you want to join us just search for EUK

Our servers have

Shop, x10 Gather, x5 Components, Bgrade, TP/Sethome, Home Security, Custom Skin System,
Easy Friends Gui, Private Message, Friends/Clans, Quick Smelt, Trade, New Lifts,
Bounty Boards, Kits, Sign Artist, Recycler in your base .. And Much More

Name: [EUK]RustyLake x10 Solo/Duo/Trio
Join our steam group: eukrustylake
Join Our Discord Server:
Join Our TeamSpeak Server:
Go to our website:

Press F1 in game and type in the following: client.connect

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