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类型 Active Support Friendly Community Monthly Wipe No Abuse Noob Friendly Vanilla X1 Raid PVP
United States
最近更新10 Mar 2020
加入日期10 Mar 2020


Gibbikz GC - No BP Wipe,

Force Wipe Only

       If you're looking for a friendly community where server and abuse is dealt with quickly, check us out. Play is slower paced because we force wipe only (once a month) but you won't lose your BPs! Watch server activity real time on but that's the end of our modifications, completely vanilla 1x experience. If you die, respawn. If you get raided, you can easily recover in a day. Come stick around, if you're new that's fine our community is nice and may be able to help you learn the game or improve your game.

Vanilla - 1x - - chill - noob friendly

Or search for Gibbikz in game server list

Choose Gibbikz because:

ᕙ( ͡❛ ෴ ͡❛)ᕗ Admin Overlord gets problems taken care of quickly

ᕙ( ͡❛ ෴ ͡❛)ᕗ Admin Overlord's admin minions do not abuse their powers. In fact, they only get powers when the Overlord explicitly permits it and only to fix the issue at hand.

ᕙ( ͡❛ ෴ ͡❛)ᕗ Most of our community are not dicks. We like dicks, we paint them everywhere; but we aren't toxic people and generally will help you get better if you ask. 

ᕙ( ͡❛ ෴ ͡❛)ᕗ Longer game allows more freedom. Work, study, play those other games sometimes. Rust shouldn't be a job.

(ง︡'-'︠)ง (ง ᵔ︠ ⍨ ︡ᵔ)ง Not a murdersandbox. You aren't perfectly safe to be clear, pvp and raiding is part of the game. But generally, it's more chill. 

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