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United Kingdom
最近更新15 Aug 2019
加入日期24 Aug 2017

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Welcome to Rusty Wasteland!
The journey started on the 14th of August 2017 when we, MM617 & Carol, decided to open our very own server as a fun project with one goal: Creating a peaceful and friendly place for anyone to play in. Since then everything went really fast! Now, more than 1 year later we have 125 slots and a very large active and friendly community which feels like our wish was accomplished!
Our server can offer you a really active, kind and helpful staff team with a dedicated developer who creates unique plugins which can be only found on our server and nowhere else! Some of the key features are highlighted below:

Main features
-Very active, friendly and helpful community including owners & staff members
-Looting and killing is fully disabled
-Four levels of helicopters with different health: normal, hard, elite & legend
-Rewards for voting
-Vip/Elite/Legend ranks for players who support the server including queue bypass
-Explorer/Apprentice/Loya/Rusty playtime-ranks for everyone based on their total playtime.

Special custom developed features
-With every Bradley APC kill option to sacrifice the loot to collect keys for BRADZILLA
-Receive RP for killing Helis, Bradley APC, Animals, Scarecrows, Zombies & Scientists
-Reward Store to spend your RP on the in game goodies, personal aidrops or one of four levels of helicopters
-Zlevels + Smeltlevels (allows you to level up with smelting and reduce the smelt time each level)
-Bestprice command to see which item is the cheapest in a vending machine

Special events
-Every Saturday 20:00 CET we will welcome anyone who loves shooting helis at our unique heli event which's highlight is a Rusty (Rusty has 160 000hp and spawns ONLY during the event)
-A special zone for events including VAULT every week
-Daily events (i.e. Bradzilla event, Car racing, Death run/climb, GyroRace...)
-Building day (24h before the wipe: no building limit, no stability + building contest)

Special premium plugins
-Buried treasure
-Player skins

Server details:
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Change Logs
15 Aug 2019

Wipe Changelog 15/8/19

-Added "Zombie Airfield"
-Added "Zombie Boss" (1k hp, 4 of them in map).
-Custom npc's now have a small chance to drop a specially skinned weapon.
-4,5k Barren map (voted as winner in Discord).
-2nd round of Olympic Games.