Twilight MU

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排名651 Random Server
网站 网站
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版本 Season 6
United States
最近更新13 Feb 2014
加入日期13 Feb 2014


Server Info:
- 4000 Spare Stats To Start With For New Players!
- All new players get 1 Free Week of VIP Silver & Gold right after registration!
- Unique Features: Token Exchange, IP Exchange, Custom Items, Custom Boxes, Zen Market,
Zen Bank, Activity Tokens, Raffles, The Grid, In-Game Chat On Website, FireSales,
PVP Score & PVP Activity, JOG Exchange, Vault Construction, the list goes on and on...
Read the full list of Unique Features HERE
- Professional Forum where you can get 24/7 Support from our Staff Team
- 8 Servers (4 Normal Servers + 2 V.I.P. + 2 V.I.P Gold) - Read Server Layout
- Exp: 20x - Normal Servers || 40x - V.I.P. Servers || 50x - V.I.P. Gold Servers
- Drops: 80%
  Twilight MU is a Professional Long Term Server hosted on a monster Dedicated Server:
- Dual 5520 Quad-Core Xeon with HT & Turbo Boost Processor (16 x 2.26GHz)
- 1Gbps Connection (no lag)
  We hope you will give Twilight MU a try and we guarantee you will love it here if you search for a long term, low rate server that will still be here for years to come.
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