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排名2492 Random Server
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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
类型 Whitelist Cops Custom Cars Cad Ems Fire
United States
最近更新19 Oct 2020
加入日期05 Oct 2020


Welcome to Law&Rescue FivePD

We are a brand new FiveM community offering FivePD for those are interested in multiplayer asspecet of LSPDFR, but for multiplayer online. What is FivePD? It's a multiplayer version of LSPDFR, where you can play online with other FiveM players in a server and interact with the AI. The community is always updaitng the server and or the discord with new informaion and new data to provide to the FivePD server. 


Server Information:

**AI Interaction**

**Custom Vehicles**

**Custom Vehicle Skins**



**Custom In game CAD**

**50+ Dispatch Call Outs**

**Custom Ymaps**

**Friendly Staff**

**BCSO Department**

**Los Santos Department**

**San Andreas Highway Patrol Department**



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