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Sıralama13 Random Server
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Sürüm Classic
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Son Güncelleme27 Dec 2020
Katılım Tarihi10 Oct 2020


We offer you an unique servers with prospect for many years: Classic Substack & Classic Retail. Are you not tired with servers, where is large domination, high enchantment, a lot of unnecessary items or unlimited dualboxes? We love the simplicity of the game and a good storyline. Our servers are much different because you don't need to rush nor chase anybody, you are not even grounded. There is a small set of items and a low enchantment. We guarantee you fair, simple and balanced server. Give us a chance and you won't regret your decision. There is: no pay to win, no corruption, no domination, no superiority, no exaggerated items, no high enchanted items, Balanced classes, Equality, The same chance to everyone, Respect to everyone, Gameplay simplicity, Back to the tactics, strategy and smart playing. A modern servers with a creative approach for the present and future times. You will not find anything like this anywhere. Join us and you will see the difference. New ideas and interesting solutions will appear in next updates. Let these servers remain your stronghold for longer: NoAdvantage & TheBeginning. Greetings Isekai Team.
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