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Sıralama1533 Random Server
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Vote Oyla
Sürüm 317
Tür Custom Content Drops Classic Community Prestige System Zulrah Raids Old School Eco Discord
United States
Son Güncelleme07 Mar 2020
Katılım Tarihi07 Mar 2020


Use code ::refer Cruelty for a free ULTRA MYSTERY BOX!
BraveScape Beta --- Old School 317 - CUSTOM SKILLING MINIGAME - RAIDS - FRIEND REFERRAL SYSTEM - WILDY PK - DUEL ARENA STAKING - MUCH MORE --- Tons of unique features such as a unique raiding reward system that can give you any item in game, custom skilling minigame, referral system which gives you items and $5 donator credit for inviting each friend, prestiging system for improving your drop rate, Highscores, Heatmaps, Pest Control, Fight Caves, Barrows, Duel Arena Staking, Wildy PVP, Revs, Shayzien Assault, Fight Caves for Fire and Infernal Cape, Zulrah, KBD, Corp, Kraken, Cerberus, and much much much more... Join today, Beta Testers are often rewarded for helping find bugs!

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