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Тип Only Chn Play 2 Win Old School No Bots International Cap 60
United States
Последнее обновление01 Jun 2020
Дата регистрации28 May 2020



Grand Opening : 1st of June 21:00 Gmt +3

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Informatıon & Rates 

Bot: Not Allowed

Races: Chinese

Cap: 60 (Progressive) (All updates ready until 120 cap)

Degree: 7

Exp Rate: 1x

Sp Rate: 1x

Gold Drop Rat: 1x

Job Penalty: Disabled

Mastery: 300 (like original during cap 60)

Alchemy: 2005 isro rates

Max Item Plus: 10

Advanced Elixir: Disabled

Old System: Active

Old Map: Active (

Chinese Balance: In Cold Mastery "Snow Shield" skill deleted

Added new skill " Ice Dragon - Passive "(Pure Int 60lv Active)

IP Limit: 4

PC (HWID) Limit: 2

CTF: Available

Fortress war: Jangan

Guild Limit: 32

Union Limit: 2

Guild Emblems: Enabled

Academy: Disabled ( For 60 cap )

Fellow Pets: Disabled ( For 60 cap )

In game events: Jewel Box,CTF

Job Arena:  Available

Silk System: Premium plus-1day & 30day Gold time ticket-Skill gold time ticket-1 Silk ,5 Silk , 10 Silk..Scrools 1 Silk's price is 100k -Immortal & Astral stones can be bought with gold at the Special npc at Jangan.Pay to win items deleted from F10

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Project Online 60cap (img 28922) Silkroad Online частные server | TopG
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Project Online 60cap (img 28921) Silkroad Online частные server | TopG