Peaceful Vanilla Club


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Версия 1.14.4 1.15
Тип Semi Vanilla Vanilla Peaceful NonOP Friendly Small PvE Vanilla Survival
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Peaceful Vanilla Club

1.14.4 - 1.15.X | Enjoy a peaceful vanilla experience, with no grief, no vip ranks and no PvP outside arenas. Play like you do on single player, but with friends! With no worries.


Claim land placing a Protection Stone

Then you can invite your friends and make plots for them! Build an Home, a Base or a Village! You will get your first claim block at 30 minutes of playtime. Then you can buy them at the spawn. You will be also able to Rent, Sell or Buy claims!

Use fast Railways and Iceways to explore the map

Vanilla. There are no /warp or /tp or /spawn we decided to build a giant transportation system.You can find stations in the dynamic map. There will me many interesting places to visit!

Make your shop with a Villager Shopkeeper

Buy a villager egg at the spawn shop and then set up your own shop!

➡️ Dynamic map to see claims, portals and places to visit:

➡️ Discord server for chat, purposes and hack reports:

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