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Статус Online
Текущая картаProcedural Map
Последний Ping21 minutes 25 seconds ago
Тип 1x Vanilla Half Decay Half Upkeep
Последнее обновление17 Nov 2020
Дата регистрации17 Nov 2020

сервер Информация

Connect: steam://connect/


· Controlled raiding

· Monthly map wipes

· Blueprints remain

· No server abuse

· Half item decay & base upkeep

· Active admins

· 100 scrap given daily at 20:00 GMT

· Discord:


This server only permits raiding after the 15th of every month until the next wipe. This enables players to settle and build strong bases to make raiding a challenge. However, combat at monuments and airdrops is permitted at all times throughout the month.



· Max 4 players per team

· No abusive/bullying language (swearing is permitted)

· English must be used in chat

· No advertising in chat or URL in names

· No hacking and/or use of exploits

· No VAC ban within 365 days

· No deliberate trolling

· Raiding is not allowed until the 15th of every month

· Combat is permitted at monuments and airdrops at all times throughout the month

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