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Тип 2D MMORPG Anime Pve RPG Action Community
United States
Последнее обновление02 Aug 2020
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DarkStory is a 2D MMORPG where you can have fantastic adventures filled with action, magic, and friendships. The game has hundreds of playtime hours, and it is inspired in classic RPG games. You’ll find yourself in an epic role-playing experience where you can finish dungeons, fly on top of a dragon, fight amazing creatures, and explore the different continents with your friends.


RPG in real time action
Friendly Community
Battle Arena(PvP)
Unique Classes Mechanics
Dojo! System
Party System
Enhancement System
Coop Quests(Up to 4 players)
Digging System
Crafting System
Forge System
Monster Cards and In-game collection
Rewarded Progress
Customize your own Character
Unique Bosses
Fishing, Woodcutting and Minning professions
Daily Check

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