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Статус Online
Последний Ping4 hours 9 minutes ago
Версия 1.8.9 1.12.2
Тип PyroPvP Fun Practice Custom Tools Duels PvP Top
Последнее обновление07 Sep 2020
Дата регистрации08 Aug 2020


Hey and welcome to CoronaPyro!
What is CoronaPyro and which server is it?

1. CoronaPyro Is a Custom PyroPvP server with Cool Stuff Like, Cooldown Fly Tool, Devil Axe (Stronger than a Pyro Axe), Effected Armor.

2. The pvp version is 1.9 So you have to jump and when you land you have to hit to make more damage, Lower CPS higher Damage.

What you have to do when you logging in?

1. First of all you have to register, By using the command /register [password] [repeatpassword]

2. After you registering you have to read the rules that's very important!, By typing /rules, /rules 2, /rules 3.

Done that's all you have to do.



Come and check it out and rate the server!

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