Critical WoW

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Versiune 3.3.5a
Tip Joc Low Rates Fun Realm Friendly Staff Crossfaction
Locatie Romania
Ultima Actualizare21 Sep 2021
Data inregistrarii24 Jun 2021


Welcome to Critical WoW ! A new server which tries to continue the 3.3.5a legacy of what WoW should've been! We have the following features and changes: - Fully cross-faction (dungeons/events/guilds/etc). - All flight path locations discovered + Instant taxi. - Daily, weekly and monthly quests and events with hundreds of goodies, including pets, mounts, items (collectables), gold , levels, VIP Access, and donor points. - AHBot, fully functional with hundreds of items. - Full 24/7 support and GM assistance. - Transmog vendor. - Custom T11 gear and season PvP gear. - New and unique legendaries for each class with storylines. - Reworked fishing loot tables. - Auto-scaling dungeons and raids (2 players minimum). - 10 minute hearthstone cooldown. - WotLK profession materials are stackable to 100. - Teleporter in every main city. - New zone: Azshara Crater - Main dailies Area, events, T11 Gathering, etc. - A maximum of 4 primary professions. - Free starter gear when you ding level 80. - Npc Bots - Used to help players in dungeons and raids. (still WIP) - Multiboxing allowed.