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Website Website
Discord Discord
Versiune 7.3.5
Tip Joc Blizzlike Scripted Instances Friendly Staff
United Kingdom
Ultima Actualizare11 Apr 2021
Data inregistrarii01 Apr 2021


• Version: 7.3.5
• Exp Rates: x5
• Active and experienced Staff.
• Legion questlines and artifacts working
• Mythic ++ keystones available working with chest, boosters, achievements, etc.
• Auction House with tons of auctions.
• All battlegrounds/arenas working
• Anticheat system Working
• Stable core
• Anti DDOS Protection (tested!)
• We lack bug reports! Help us grow!
• Pretty special and hidden quests not found working in other servers.
• Legion Assaults!
• Some Realm First achievements haven't been capped yet.
• Active developers with a lot of experience.
• Of course, professions working.

And for the record we have an excellent realm  Shadowlands realm  one which is our most huge project at this moment.

We have Active Developers that are working around the clock 24 Hours a Day 7 Days who made and still make of these realms the most suitable place to have a unique experience playing World of Warcraft.

Updates are daily!