MasterWoW Legacy

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Versiune 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King WOTLK
Tip Joc Custom Custom World Boss Custom Scripts Fun Realm PVP Scripted Instances Custom Content Raids
Locatie Germany
Ultima Actualizare15 May 2024
Data inregistrarii07 Dec 2017


MasterWoW Legacy

Fun Realm Details:

  • Not Pay-to-Win
  • Similar to the old Eternion-WoW haste server, but with numerous changes
  • All classes feature health stealing with hits
  • Custom and upgradeable items available
  • Balanced and tested classes
  • Experience fast attack speed plus haste
  • Options for farming, solo play, raids, and group activities
  • World chat available (/o)
  • Haste rating x3, spell power x3, ranged attack power x2
  • Earn free rewards daily: 5 hours of play, kills, duel wins, friend recruitment, and voting
  • Brand new server
  • All races can play all classes
  • Weekly updates
  • Featuring 3.3.5a, 100 level cap, custom quests, custom mall, and custom bosses

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