Strange Earth UO

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Discord Discord
Versiune Time of Legends
Tip Joc Pvm Pve Custom Rpg Pvp Shard
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare23 May 2023
Data inregistrarii23 May 2023


Hey, fellow Ultima Online players! Have you been searching for a new and exciting custom shard to explore? Look no further than Strange-Earth! Our team of dedicated developers has been hard at work creating a unique and immersive UO experience.

Our teams passion for creating a nostalgic UO shard but with modern day creature comforts has been in the makings since 2020. I am honored to announce that this shard is now open to the public as a Beta. Beta? An early version that contains most of the major features, but not all of the milestones are completed. 

Whether you're a seasoned UO veteran or a newcomer to the game, Strange-Earth has something to offer for everyone. So why wait? Join us today and create new adventures like neve

Key details,
Players are allowed 2 accounts
Starting 1 house per account
Custom House plots that go up to 32x32
Skill cap 1080 (Ideally 9xGM skills w/out equipment)
Equipment drops range from common to Legendary 
Early bird special for being part of a shard start up, Priceless