Servere de Star Wars Galaxies Nge

Listam cele mai bune servere private Star Wars Galaxies cu versiunea NGE. Adauga gratuit serverul tau SWG sau fa-ti reclama.

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NGE Lista de Servere Star Wars Galaxies


SWG: Prophecy NGE

NGE Elder Robes Space GCW Witches of Dathomir Rare Loot System Trading Card Game Jump To Lightspeed

SWG: Beyond

Dedicated PVP PVE Custom Content NGE

Swgplus swg

Jump to Lightspeed An Empire Divided Nge Dedicated Custom Content


Jump to Lightspeed Rage of the Wookiees Dedicated Events Custom Content NGE PvP RP PvE GCW in Space New Heroics New Planet Bespin
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