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Tip Joc Cap 130 D15 Alchemy Battle Arena Coins System International New System Sbot Free Silk
Ultima Actualizare13 Apr 2021
Data inregistrarii10 Mar 2021


♦ About Shiroi
"Shiroi" stands for "light" because we wanted to bring some light to the SRO scene.
Shiroi was designed and developed to be a very close representation to the current ISRO in terms of features and content while it has several features added from the old-school (e.g. specific old interfaces, old char select).
It contains player-friendly systems in many ways - also no original feature has been disabled - everything works.
You can access all the information you are missing from the subject on our website.
Our game comes translated in 5 official languages of English, German, Turkish, Spanish and Arabic (change this in the launcher).

♦ The Team
We've got an amazing team - active, responsible and really great community members - we are always open for new suggestions and game-changes and you can talk to us on discord.
So we are 3 developers + a few supports having way too long time of experience in all kinds of software development and other weird things (lets not forget that most of us are also experienced players of the game itself).

♦ What makes us difference
Shiroi is a completely new system-oriented server.
It contains the most stable and simple form of Silkroad-R files to date - this will bring you the "new" and "cool" that classic VSRO and other files will never provide.
Shiroi has the most up-to-date features such as new iSRO systems, new pet system, enhanced job system, latest equipment degrees (up to 15) and skills up to level 130.
New item upgrade systems, new monsters & bosses, pets, avatars and more.
Many great features are waiting for you.
We run our world-servers on "BEASTS" (each machine 64-128GB RAM / 1GBPs lines) therefore also in terms of hosting we will guarantee you lag-free & low latency gameplay at all times.
Shiroi is clean from "shit-content" and it will be always avoided at all costs - we offer a high quality play-to-win system even though we are accepting donations - there's nothing you couldn't get without it, also - there is no magic pop.

Exp 25x

Sp 1.5x

Gold 10x

Cap 130

Mastery(CH/EU) 260

Equipment degree CAP 15 Degree

Max Plus15

Guild Limit 32

Union Limit 3

Union Chat Limit 32

Auto Events Enabled

Capture The Flag Enabled

Battle Arena Enabled

Roc Gate Enabled

Medusa Enabled

Survival Arena Enabled

Styria Clash Enabled

Dungeons Jupiter/Baghdad/Devil's Garden/Petra

All Region Enabled

Fortress war Constantinople / Hotan / Bandit / Jangan

Free Silk Dungeons/Quests/Rankings

Premium Silk Donate

PC Limit 3

Server Capacity 4000

Botting Integrated Bot(coming soon) / Phbot / Sbot


♦ New starting system.
This system has been applied to prevent gold bots and support low-level players who have difficulty gathering gold. The following changes have been made:

  • Gold will not drop from monsters which are level 70 and below.
  • Pots etc. will be given free until level 99.
  • Instead 3 kinds of Tokens will drop from them. These Tokens can be used to
  • exchange equipment items with the corresponding degree through the
  • Valuables Dealer NPC. There are 3 different types of Tokens (Monk Token
  • 1~3D, Soldier Token 4~5D & General Token 6~10D).
  • Tokens can be traded for other tokens. In details 3 of Monk’s Token can be traded with a Soldier’s Token. And 3 of Soldier’s Token can be also traded with a General’s Token.
  • You can exchange full blue and +8 items with tokens.
  • Goods Supplier NPC has been applied.
  • Equipment is provided to players who are under level 90 by Goods Supplier NPC.
  • Some expendables are provided by Medicine Supplier. (HP/MP Potion, Universal Pill, Purification Pill, Arrow, Bolt)