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Tip Joc Cap 110 D11 Freetoplay International Low Rate back the good old Silkroa server fun engaging
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare01 Dec 2020
Data inregistrarii25 Jun 2020



Let's create the best server together!

Our team aims to bring back the good old Silkroad CAP110, keeping the server fun, engaging and fair for everyone.

IP Limit: 8
Max Level: 110
Race: Europe/China
Mastery: 220/440
Exp Rate: 2.0x
Party Exp Rate: 2.5x
Gold Drop Rate : 2x
Item Drop Rate : 3x

We allow you to connect with up to 8 characters, to facilitate your level up and your farm.

As you can see, the server fees are low, but better than the original, so the game is not that difficult, but it is also not very easy to level up and conquer items.

Events? we will not intervene in the game by doing events all the time, we saw that this is a very common practice among private servers, however we do not think it is the best way to interact with you. but that doesn't mean we won’t do it, but maybe only on special occasions or dates.

A good game to everyone :)