OCE Project Mayhem

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Tip Joc 50x Gather pvp Custom Modded Events Friendly Community Active Admins Anti Cheat Dayvote Dedicated
Locatie Australia
Ultima Actualizare18 Feb 2023
Data inregistrarii06 Feb 2023


Welcome To PROJECT MAYHEM,Our discord is at the link below come join us if you need help to to join our other servers. Plugins n➵50X Loot ➵Heli crash ➵GUI Shop ➵Buy Heli to fight ➵Raidable bases ➵Cargo Plane Crash ➵And Many More Here are our rules: ➵Group Limit of 4.➵No cheating, hacking or glitching! ➵No ****** or discrimination! ➵Respect all players! ➵Do not impersonate or pretend to be someone! ➵Do not spam the chat! ➵Anyone found to be cheating will be permanently banned. ➵If you have been EAC/VAC banned and have less than 180 day since your last ban you will be banned from our servers. ➵Anyone that plays with a cheater with get a 30 ban.