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Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Tip Joc Levels rpg Homes Bank Custom Loot Custom Map Custom Plugins Custom Monuments PVE minigames
United States
Ultima Actualizare11 Feb 2022
Data inregistrarii14 Dec 2021


**MASSIVE UPDATE: November 1st, 2021**
[USA] Luminia | Events | PvE | RP | Quests | Dungeons | Cities | Monthly

Welcome, you found your Forever home!

Want a break or want to get away from those toxic, judgmental, selfish, unhelpful servers / people? want to build your home as
nice or as great looking as you want it to look?! look no more because you have just found your new forever HOME!
Much effort has been put into the making of this server! hours, sleepless nights, all nighters to create a fun environment for people to enjoy.
New player friendly / LGBT Friendly / Safe space / Judgement Free

  • Complete custom experience for players.
  • Building materials can stack to 60,000.
  • PvE/RP with a really fun PvP arena events for those who want some pvp action or make some scrap to spend on stores & RP elements & custom items.
  • PvP Minigames ( CoD Style with completely separate Inventories)
  • Fun Arena events to win ingame currency and have fun against other players.
  • Dungeons, Bosses with loot, Lore, Quests, Cities, Stores.
  • ingame Debit card / Bank account to store your money in.
  • 2 Types of World Events
  • Medieval Warfare Gamemode (Minigame) *New*
  • Call of Dootie Gamemode (Minigame)
  • Daily Quest system *New*
  • Quests
  • Robbery World Event *New*
  • Constant maintaining of the map / server to keep it great.


PvE co-op / solo Dungeons

Want a challenge or something to do?! try your luck with friends or on your own with out servers dungeon raids!
total of 10 dungeons to do, ranging from medium to hard for those seasoned shooters. A lot of fun little elements
and surprises await, maybe even some spooky ones.


UPDATE: Over 350 custom loot to find and collect with their own names & skin.
Guns, Doors, Rugs, Posters, Garage doors, & Tools


Cheesy, but fun little lore that fits in with everything on the server, imagination has no limits!


Want even more to do with friends or yourself on the server? Do some quests, and yield some awesome rewards while exploring at the same time!
help the quest givers with their hardships and get rewarded. Quest are repeatable after a certain amount of X minutes.

CoD Minigame PvP

Minigames on the serer are separate inventory, meaning you have 6 classes to choose from like in FPS games.
You do not need any items nor will you lose any of your items. Each kill, assist, headshot will give you in-game Currency to spend on Stores & players.
You are teleported back to where you were at before the Minigame started.

Other info

We have a nice clean, healthy community without the toxicity or judgmental people.
Like to RP? that is 100% welcomed, Actually it encouraged as it does bring some amazing fun factor and LIFE to the server more so. either through game chat or voice chat.
we have a Discord to keep players up to date with all server relate news & updates!
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