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Website reignrsps.com
Discord Discord
Versiune Osrs
Tip Joc pvp Active community PVM player vs player bossing skilling Unique Content Nightmare
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare05 Dec 2022
Data inregistrarii09 Jul 2022



Welcome to OSPK, a PvP focused server, made for ALL player types. Our goal is to reignite the very stale current state of RSPS's and reimagine what a truly unique PvP RSPS should offer. Not a PvP'er? Don't worry, you still play an important role in the success of the server! Keep reading below to see what we have to offer, and how every player fits into our community!

Unique World Events

- Hold the Fort (wilderness world event)

- Capture the Flag (wilderness world event)

- Pirate Ship (non-wilderness world event)

- Arenas & Battlegrounds

- Fragment of Seren Server Content

- Flawlass Skilling - The Nightmare - Revenant Maledictus - The Great Vault - Knights Guild - Lectern of Imbuement - Achievements - Improved Collection Log

Change Logs
16 Sep 2022


Wilderness Expansion:

-- The Minion of Zaros boss has been completed! Combat script is now working as intended
-- Barrier added at the entrance to the Minion of Zaros boss. Requires an Ancient Key to enter (obtainable from ANY activity in the expansion)
-- Players can use the 'peek' option on the barrier to see how many players are in the courtyard fighting the boss
-- The Mage Arena 2 bosses have been added. Use the portal in the new Eastern Ruins (after obtaining 20 KC) to enter
-- KC here is shared with the same KC at Godwars
-- New 'Ruins' area to the west of the new resource area. This area contains black demons, black dragons, and hellhounds
-- Ents added around the heavily wooded area east of the new cemetary
-- Fixed the invalid Elder Chaos Druids at the cemetary area
-- Fire Giant spawns added on the hill just north of the new Ents
-- Ice warriors/giants added just west of the Minion of Zaros's Castle in the northern-most part of the map, ice spiders added to the east of the castle
-- Wilderness Expansion Bank teleport added to the Wilderness teleport category

Other Fixes:

-- The quest tab (main char. summary tab) has received a much needed revamp
-- The teleport interface has been fixed and no longer bugs out/stops opening
-- City/Donator teleports have been added on the interface. Event teleports will be added soon.
-- ::yell Now shows the correct color and icon for donator ranks
-- Godwars dungeon now correctly displays the killcount screen overlay while inside GWD


30 Sep 2022

Wilderness Expansion Fixes:

-- Mage Arena 2 bosses should no longer be spawning more than 1 at a time
-- Minion of Zaros hp bar now displays correctly for the entire fight

Other Fixes:

-- Vyrewatch Sentinel combat has been added. Spawns have been added in Darkmeyer (these drop the Blood Shard)
-- Daily achievements (tasks) have been completed! Use ::dailies to choose your task preference (pvp or pvm) 
-- Go to quest tab > achievements tab > orange arrow over to Dailies tab to view all 12 of your daily achievements!
-- Granite maul, normal and (or), special attack has been fixed. It should now be working as intended, similar to osrs
-- The Reign Expert inside of the bank at home can now show you useful guides, give you a tutorial of the home area, and open the Daily Achievements shop
-- The Magic shops no longer show dwarf remains as a placeholder when items are sold out
-- The Sand Crab island is now a multi-combat zone
-- Right click > travel on Sandicrahb to travel to and from the sand crab island
-- The Quick Gear interface can now only be opened while in Edgeville, to avoid being abused out in the world
-- Boss teleports that were not working properly on the teleport interface, are now fixed
-- City teleports that were going to the incorrect location have been fixed
04 Oct 2022

-- PID has been added, and is working as intended just as it does on OSRS, including PID swaps -- Fixed the daily achievement "Kill 20 elder chaos druids", the amount needed should now be accurate -- Can no longer use ::dailies command to get new daily achievements if you already have them for that day or have already completed them -- Revenant North teleport now takes you to the correct location -- Fixed all of the Revenant daily achievements that were not counting towards the achievements. Corrupted revenants now also count towards these achievement -- Fixed the Callisto daily achievement -- Ammonite crabs can now be attacked -- The following normal Achievements have been added and finished: Arena Novice, Arena Champion, and Doing My Part! -- Added a basic referral reward claiming system. Will be expanding on this near/during launch -- Added a new wilderness obelisk inside of the new wilderness expansion, just west of the Minion of Zaros boss area at 75 wild -- All Enchanted weapons can now be equipped, and all enchanted weapons that contain a special attack, now have a spec bar -- All Enchanted Weapons special attacks' are now working properly as intended and as described on the enchanting interface item description -- Volatile Nightmare Staff special attack has been added -- Staff Ranks are now working in-game. Crowns show up properly, and staff commands are working. Staff crowns will also be prioritized over donator crowns