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Versiune Osrs 317
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Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare23 Oct 2023
Data inregistrarii13 Oct 2021


Valhalla is a semi custom OSRS deob. We are [B][I]not[/I][/B] another a pay-to-win server that is all too common these days. Donator rank and gear can be earned in game simply by playing. Whether its events, boss drops, our bug bounty program, or other daily content there are plenty of possibilities to earn bonds and credits used to increase your rank, and allow you to buy from the in game donation shop without ever having to spend money. Paying to speed up your your progression is all we offer, we believe you should still be able to enjoy the full scope of the game without having to spend money.

We have a unique combat prestige and armor and weapon upgrading system with many unique attributes to customize your gear for a whole new experience. A skilling prestige system with tool upgrades is coming soon to make the skilling grind far more enjoyable, and profitable!

We also pride ourselves in our completely custom, fully automated and scam proof gambling arena which allows players to face off in a variety of games without the hassle or fear of being scammed by other players. All you need to do is select the game type, match with an opponent, and choose what you'd like to stake. The games are automated and the winner takes all.

With new content and improvements being made constantly, we are driven by player feedback and suggestions.






Should Odin find you worthy, you may join us in Valhalla