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Versiune Pre Renewal Transcendent
Tip Joc PK Balanced High Rate Trans Class
Locatie Singapore
Ultima Actualizare22 Jan 2024
Data inregistrarii22 Jan 2024


 PC Platform (Android to be followed)
Pre - Renewal
Semi Mid-Rate
Frost Server
255/120 Transcendent Class & Expanded Jobs
Max Aspd : 195
Max Stats : 255
MaxHP : 1.1M
MaxSP : 4,000
Agi Based skill delay No Skill Delay except (SB,AV)
Normal Card Drop Rates : 50%
MvP Card Drop Rates : 5%
Rare MvP Card Drop Rates : 1-2%
LHZ Card soon to implement
Card Shop - Normal & Other MvP Cards (tao gunka)
Quest / Donate items are Balanced
VIP System Enabled
Vending System Enabled 
Inventory Expansion Enabled can reach to 200 items
Break The Seal ( Valkyrie set )
Token Quest
Hourly Quest 
Quest Mission
Cash Card (Donate Card) - can farm through Rare mvp only (Soon)
 Customize Card - Ifrit , Kiel , Tatacho , Berzebub Card

Other Features
Super Deadly Branch - can summon Rare Mvp only
Free Weapon Refine +10
RMS Weapon Only but other weapon slot customize
Customize Valkyrie Armor set 
Modified Soul Link effects
Professor - can bypass DISPEL by 3% chances
 Stalker - can bypass FPC using Single ***** by 2% chances

Server Security
Gepard Shield 3.0
Anti - Bot System
Anti No Delay System
 Singapore Based

Special Commands