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Versiune Renewal
Tip Joc Active GMs Balanced Customized High Rate Doram Friendly GMs Newbie Friendly Renewal WoE 3rd Job
Locatie Singapore
Ultima Actualizare17 Mar 2022
Data inregistrarii17 Mar 2022


4th job high rates server with customized renewal system. Super balanced server without any overpowered class. implemented so many features that gives you new experience. HD texture that no longer pixelated. friendly and helpful GM that always online almost 24hrs. Thousand of costumes will make your character as fancy as you wish.

4th Job Fully Renewal Episode 16.2 recap
Skill Delay: Normal
Base/Job Lvl: 250/50
Server Rate: 1500x / 1500x / 250x
Normal Item: Customized Drop Rate
Normal Card: 7,5% Drop Rate
Mini Boss Card: [Disabled]
MVP Boss Card: [Disabled]
RARE MVP Boss: [Disabled]
PK Enabled: On PVP and WoE Maps Only

Gepard Shield 3.0
Dedicated VPS Hosting
Server Connection:
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