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Versiune Pre Renewal
Tip Joc Trans Class Active GMs Battlegrounds Classic Events Mid Rate WoE Balanced Friendly GMs PVP
Locatie Singapore
Ultima Actualizare01 May 2021
Data inregistrarii28 Sep 2020


•Classic Low-Mid Rate 25x / 25x / 10x / 3x MVP Drop
•99/70 Pre-Renewal
•99 Max Stat
•Available in Android
•AutoAttack Feature
•No Cast - 150 dex
•Gepard 3.0
•LGP enabled
•190 Max Aspd
•Max Guild Size 16
•No Guild Alliance
•Custom Official Costumes!
•Transcendent Jobs
•Free Cash Points per Hour
•Healer & Warper NPCs
•Attendance Rewards
•World Chat Channel
•Easy Access on Quests/Shops/Event NPCs (Prontera)
•Updated to Latest rAthena
•WoE 3 days
•KoE 3 days
•Custom Battlegrounds
•VIP Bonuses and Benefits
•Daily Events