MU Secret Season 3

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Discord Discord
Versiune Season 3 Season 2
Tip Joc 1x Classic Hard Non Reset Oldschool No WebShop No Rebirth No Donate Shop
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare29 Aug 2023
Data inregistrarii28 Jun 2023


MU Secret it's a hard-core, long term, classic season 3 MuOnline server. Our main purpose is to bring back the iconic and nostalgic old-style experience of Mu Online. No Pay-To-Win features, no donations for items. Become the strongest player by leveling up and farming items!

Are You Ready To Take a Challenge From The Past?


- Version: Season 3 Episode 1
- Experience: 1x (Classic GMO Style)
- Drop: 30%
- Resets: NO Resets
- WebShop: NO WebShop
- Economy: Zen/Jewels Based
- Chaos Machine Rates: GMO Default
- Max Level: 400
- Dark Lord: Creat at Level 250
- Magic Gladiator: Creat at Level 220
- Best Anti-hack for client and server side
- All Official Season 3 Events 100% Working
- Old School Community
- No Pay-To-Win!
- Website:
- Discord: