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Did you miss the real game? Here you can immerse yourself in the very game Mu Online that captivated your heart years ago. Hardcore that you won't find on the Internet, the game of youth, the game of achievements and skills. Stable and high-quality server, unique innovations, correctly chosen settings. Anti-Cheat, which is supported by us
throughout the whole time guarantees you an honest and interesting game. Our game advantages: Player support service working in the office and always ready to help you. A lot of possible ways to earn bonuses in a game way. Convenient web market of items and characters for donate bonuses, and zen. A unique system of achievements with the earning of
donate bonuses. A pleasant VIP system, with the ability to achieve more in the shortest amount of time. Offline pimping and trading system. Reconnect System. Improved lock picking. Unique Event's Quest System 1000 quests. Team competitions. Enhanced character system. Party Finder System. New Party System. Offline System. Custom Pet System. Custom
Forge. Custom Buffs Information. Custom Buffs. Custom Pet System. Guild Storage System. Rating System. Active invasions and more.