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FanatikMU Season 6

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Versiune S3 S6
Tip Joc FullExp Balanced Long Term
Ultima Actualizare23 Sep 2022
Data inregistrarii23 Sep 2022


FanatikMU Season 6

 LONGTERM / QUEST = HUNT/FARM = CRAFT = UPGRADE = PVP  FARMER SURVIVES   Licensed Files: Louis Premium 28 Experience - Midrate Drop Rate - 35% Max Level - 400 Level for reset - 400 (390 for VIP) Reset Reward - 5 FC Max Reset - 100 limit (VIP no limit) Max GR - 10 limit (VIP 20 limit) RR to GR - 50RR (VIP 40RR) GR Reward - 5K Fanatik Coin Max Stats - 32767 Reset Spot - Disable (VIP Enable) Reset - Back in Lorencia (all class non VIP) ML - Disable (TBA in future) RF/Summoner - Disable (TBA in future) PVP Flinch Balance all Class Max Client - 2 PC/HWID Currency - Fanatik Coin / VIP Coin & Goblin Point Jewels Drop - Normal Jewel of Level - Use it to upgrade rings/pendants +1 to +15 Jewel of Wings - Use it to make your 3rd Wing F.O Jewel of Full - Use it to make your craft item F.O