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Versiune Episode 1
Tip Joc Non Reset Custom Dynamic Exp PVE PVP
Ultima Actualizare21 Oct 2022
Data inregistrarii18 Sep 2022



MU Episodes - MU Online game with some differences and unique gameplay. MU Episodes - game that evolves from episode to episode. Register for the alpha test and get free items, buffs, and bonuses.

MU Episodes will start with an alternative to MU Online Season 1 and evolve with every new update to alternative MU Online Seasons.

What you can find in MU Episodes:
1. A unique gameplay universe with unique Quests, Bosses, and Raids, Maps, Monsters, Weapons;
2. Dynamic leveling up to 15 000 LVL with dynamic experience by levels, maps, and game episodes;
3. Every new game episode includes new characters, monsters, maps, pets, quests, weapons, and armor.
4. No resets, grand-resets, no wipes, no pay-to-win items
5. Play in a few windows, offline trading, and offline/AFK leveling without restrictions.

Episode 1 (Prologue) includes:
- 4 Game Characters: Knight, Wizard, Elf, Gladiator;
- 15 Locations;
- Near 300 Different Monsters;
- And hundreds of in-game items;

Start to play an old-school MU Online from season 1 to season 17 in one game. We develop a unique game system where you will pump your skills and characters in a fully evolving game.

MU Episodes - The Best MMORPG for busy You!