ShiningMuS18p2-2 5k

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Versiune Season 18 Part 2 2 Just Opened X5000
Tip Joc Free New pets Free Conq Wings OP Reset rewards
Locatie Canada
Ultima Actualizare02 Oct 2023
Data inregistrarii26 Jun 2022


ShiningMuS18p2-2 5k

This is a new Mu Online long-term gaming project! Server is build on the latest Season 18 Part 2 Server files witg lots of customs to make the game long-term!
Exciting PVE from first resets till maximum stats 32000
Balanced PVP to make it last 3-5 seconds!

Version: Season 18part 2

Experience: X5000, Master X5000, Majestic X5000
Points per level: Standart 5/7
Master points: 2
Majestic points: 1

Starter bonus:

  • Panda Pets 3days Buff & 3days Panda Ring
  • 5xBless of Light with commands /startergift
  • Ghost Horse
  • Exc weapon + Small wings

Reset Milestones, make resets to claim more rewards

  • /reset5 Random 2lvl Wings Box
  • /reset10 Ice Dragon
  • /reset50 Rage Earrings Left and Right +15 Full
  • /reset75 Random 3rd Wings Box
  • /reset100 Pentagram Dagger +15
  • /reset150 Conq Wings +Ur Pet

Chaos machine for leveling up items to +15= 100% Succes rate!

Reset in game: /reset 10Wcoins 1000 ruud, Stats stays! No Reset limit! After reset auto swich character to lorencia!