EXMU X1000 S18 PART2

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Website exmuonline.net
Versiune Season 18 PART 2 2 OPEN 30 JUNE
Tip Joc Exclusive Systems Antihacker Protection Newest Version
Locatie Canada
Ultima Actualizare29 Jun 2023
Data inregistrarii25 Feb 2022


EXMU X1000 S18 PART2

EXMUONLINE its on Season18 Part 2-2
Farm Everything Play2Win: Credits, Coins, Ruuds, Goblin Points, Pr0 Items
CashShop: Play2Win --> We dont sell Full Gear
Web: https://exmuonline.net

- Version: Season 18 Part 2-2
- Experience: x1000
- Reset Reward: 10 Coins + 500 Ruud + 500 GP (Click Here!)
- Extra Benefit Every Reset: (Click Here!)
Web: https://exmuonline.net

Season18 Part 2-2:
- 5th Mount Evolution (Giant Bear)
- 6th Earring Evolution (Earring of Unity)
- New Map Bloody Tarkan
- Invasions & Boss with Ruud/Coin
Web: https://exmuonline.net

- Hunt Point System (click here)
- Quest System for Farm Coins (click here)
- PvM Quest & Reset Extra Freebies (click here)
- Titles for VIP/Siege/Crystal/Hunt etc
- Crystal Battle & Castle Siege Benefits (click here)
Web: https://exmuonline.net