S18 5000X 62k STATS

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Website muanubis.net
Versiune season 18
Tip Joc 5000x 62k stats
Locatie United Kingdom
Ultima Actualizare17 Apr 2023
Data inregistrarii27 Nov 2021


S18 5000X 62k STATS

Welcome to Anubis MU Online Season 18 P1-3

Website Link:https://muanubis.net

- Medium rate server with exciting features and amazing rewards for every player! 
Gather your friends, build your guild, and be the first to explore and conquer this new region full of adventures!

- Grand Opening April 21st
- Europe Time: 12:00 [GMT +0]
- Southeast Asia Time: 19:00 [GMT +7]
- South America Time: 09:00 [GMT -3]

Server Information 
Version: Season 18
Normal EXP: 5000x
Master EXP: 5000x
Majestic EXP: 500-50x
Drop: 80% 
Points Per Level: 5/7
Points Per MLevel: 2/2
Max Stats: 62000
Resets: Keep Stats, Unlimited resets, Reward 10 WCoin + 10 Goblin Points + 500 Ruud
Reset Milestone RewardsClick here!
Max Accounts PC / IP: 5

Extra Information
- Character Shops with all skills included
- Chaos Machine +10 = 100%
- High Errtel Upgrade Rates
- Fair Ruud Gear Prices and Blood Angel Gear/Weapon Prices reduced in half!
- New Invasions, Epic Bosses and PvP Square map!
- Balanced PvP / PvE
- New Item Options/Buff effect stats
- Daily Ice Wind Valley and Arka War Events
- In game implemented anti-lag system and 3D Camera
More Server Info here!
Server Guides here!

Usefull Commands
- Reset Character: /reset 
- Evolve Character: /evo
- Global message: /post
- Add stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
- Remove Stats: /decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd
- Offlevel: /offlevel
- Offtrade: /offtrade
- Open Shop Remotely: /npc
- Open Vault Remotely: /vault
- Clear Inventory Bag: /clearbag
- Clear Event Inventory: /cleareventinv
- Clear PK Status: /pkclear
- Event timer in game: /eventinfo

Starting Gifts
2nd Lucky Gear
Small Wings & Weapons
PvM/PvP Buffs, Skeleton Pet/Panda Ring with command /freegifts