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Status Unknown
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Versiune Latest
Tip Joc Earth Geopolitical Vehicles Modern Community
Locatie Germany
Ultima Actualizare31 Aug 2023
Data inregistrarii31 Aug 2023



We are an up-and-coming earth server, packed with features, fun experiences and new people to meet!
I believe what makes us unique is that we come from experience with earth server, and earth hosting. In spite of this, EarthOnline is a new project, and one which has yet to be truly 'defined'. We offer a lot to you as a player, and we're proud of that!

Some things we offer:

Inbuilt Paradox Community - Many players of geopolitical servers are lovers of paradox games, reflecting this. We have a community baked into the server, dedicated to playing games such as Hoi4, Eu4 and Stellaris. Should this become more popular, we will begin to offer more game options. As of now, it has proven to be successful and a good contribution to our server.

Unique and interesting ways to compete - Beside old fashioned murder, the server's economy and map experience is designed to foster competition, be it over resources, claims or other interests, we are using a 1:1000 map that ensures resources have a sense of limitation to them. In addition to this, a feature called "Continental Domination" allows for powers to compete over their regional power statuses

EarthOnline Exclusives - We have a couple things exclusive to our server. Such as deposits of Oil, a unique and fabled resource called Stradium, and more to come! This is unique, as these resources are too, limited, and region-exclusive. In addition to this, we centre our pvp around the modern era. Vehicles and Firearms are present in the server.

This is only a taste of what EarthOnline can offer you, the player. If you want to come join us for the fun, you're completely welcome!

map scale: 1:1000
language: english