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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune Any
Tip Joc Survival lifesteal Shop Balanced Economy Fighting Arena Pvp Kits
Locatie India
Ultima Actualizare01 Jun 2023
Data inregistrarii27 May 2023


Welcome to our Minecraft server, an Indian-based community where exciting adventures await! Each month, we introduce custom bosses that will challenge your skills and test your strategies. But that's not all - we are constantly adding new custom features to enhance your gaming experience.

On our server, we have a unique lifesteal mechanic where players can steal each other's hearts in thrilling battles. Engage in heart-pounding fights, explore our vast array of shops, and indulge in cosmetic items to personalize your character. Feeling lucky? Try your hand at our exciting lottery or visit our casino for some entertaining games of chance.

For convenience and exploration, we offer warps and random teleportation (RTP) to make navigating the world easier. Additionally, we have crates filled with enticing rewards waiting to be unlocked.

This is just a taste of what our server has to offer, and there are many more surprises in store. Join us now and experience the excitement for yourself!