Sirus Prison REVIVED

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Versiune 1.19
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Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare02 Aug 2022
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This Server is a reboot of the Classic Prison server: Sirus Prison V3.


You start Sirus Prison as a d-block prisoner. Using money, you can buy your way up to improved blocks, and eventually to freedom. In d-block, money-making methods are limited, and the risk of dying from other players is high. As you progress, more methods become available, and the risk of dying is reduced.

The prison is constantly patrolled by guards and DEAs. Guards are there to confiscate weapons and break up fights. DEAs are there to confiscate *****.


Big Has Never Been This Big.

Sirus Prison Center is a prison based around working your way to freedom. Once a prisoner has worked his way through the ranks, he may buy himself free. While your working your way out, it is suggested that prisoners make alliances with other inmates throughout your stay here. Always watch your back!

This map was inspired by Imprisoned but was completely rebuilt by our owners and staff. We take full credit for the build and changes we made, but thank Imprisoned for their awesome layout.

This server is ran on a dedicated server, with backups daily and 24/7 uptime. Our server is a first come, first serve system, but we will upgrade our slots as soon as we agree to need more space to accommodate our prisoners.


With the support of our users, Sirus Prison Center can become a great server. One of the ways you can support us, is by voting for us.

As a thank you for voting, you will receive $500 and 5 cookies for each vote, with a maximum of one vote on each link per day.

D-Block Prisoner:
This is the starting rank. Learn the ropes, and make some friends to get through this block in a breeze. Get your axe and pickaxe ready for some basic ways to earn money to work your way to C-Block.

  • PVP Level: High
  • Money Making Methods: Low
  • Rankup Time: Fast

C-Block Prisoner:
Cost: $10000 - You've showed your dedication and heart for our server by getting through D-Block. Now is when things go up a notch. With more space and more dedicated people just like you, more surprises will come your way.

  • PVP Level: High
  • Money Making Methods: Medium
  • Rankup Time: Slow

B-Block Prisoner:
Cost: $40000 - Now you're getting the hang of things! With a place to **** Mobs, more food types and enchantment tables, things are starting to look good! You're even starting to get private working areas!

  • PVP Level: Low
  • Money Making Methods: High
  • Rankup Time: Slow

A-Block Prisoner:
Cost: $80000 - The safest part of the prison. No longer will you have to watch your back and risk it all to make it across the Block. In this block, you are able to now: mine, fish, cut wood, farm, slaughter both types of mobs, and so much more!

  • PVP Level: None
  • Money Making Methods: High
  • Rankup Time: Medium

Cost: $200000 - The hard work has paid off, and you are now free. The last few years were hard but now you can escape this terrible life, and live the life of happiness. Free citizens may visit the prison anytime they want, but must always follow prison rules during the visitations.

Required Rank: Freedom
Pay: $500/h - Watch the chat box for anything undetected by our anti-cheat plugin. Must fill out an application and be approved by the Warden. Follow the rules of chat mods and what to look out for, found below with the application.

Required Rank: Freedom or Chat Mod
Pay: $1000/h - Trial Guards are given two weeks to prove themselves worthy of staying this rank or advancing. You patrol D-Block and protect the new players. You offer a safe start to our server for the little guys of the hard life. Follow the rules of a Guard with the application found below.

Required Rank: TGuard or Chat Mod
Pay: $2000/h - You have achieved your place in our server! You have proven yourself worthy and are now a Guard. Guards patrol everywhere, from the courtyard to each of the blocks except VIP and the Black Market. You are recommended from a Sr. Guard and must be accepted by a Warden to achieve this rank.

Sr. Guard:
Required Rank: Guard
Pay: $2500/h - You are the top dog among the other Guards. Your say is over everyone else's. You can go anywhere and patrol except the Black Market. You have access to ban commands and can teleport anywhere. You must be a guard for at-least three weeks, and show that you're actively doing your job. You are recommend to this rank by a Warden, and appointed by a Sr. Warden.

Required Rank: Sr. Guard
You have become a well respected member and staff of the server and have worked your way through all the ranks. This is a great achievement and your work is important. You decide and help other ranks solve issues, help others and show your iron fist when needed. You enforce the rules heavily but have a fun time with the non-rule breakers.You make all decisions that are brought to your attention and appoint any rank-ups that you see fit. We trust your decisions to keep us moving in the right direction.

Sr. Warden:
Required Rank: None.
This rank is reserved for the owner(s) of the server!