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Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Tip Joc SMP minecraft Multiplayer Survival Multiplayer friends friendssmp fun semi Semivanilla cool
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare17 Jan 2022
Data inregistrarii17 Jan 2022


Welcome to FriendsSMP!

What is FriendsSMP?

FriendsSMP is a semi-vanilla survival server. FriendsSMP initially started in January 2022.
We try to make this SMP a very friendly server. This SMP is also lag-free!
Also, our top-ranked Dogo will greet you when you enter the server.


Do not ***** on our servers. Abbreviations are allowed.
Do not insult, bully or harass other users. If you are asked to stop please do.
Do not spread **** towards personal choices, sexuality, gender, religion, or race.
Treat users politely and with respect.
No NSFW topics such as sexually suggestive topics or *****.
Don’t spam chat / use excessive caps.
Follow Staff instructions.
Do not block or hide staff members.
Do not advertise other servers, discord servers, or social media platforms without permission.
Do not randomly fight people without their consent.
Do not raid, loot, grief, or **** animals in other people's land.
Do not build large-scale Redstone circuits and clocks.
Do not use modifications that give you an unfair advantage over other players. (Including auto clickers and macros)
Do not exploit glitches or bugs.
Do not dupe items or ***** creative permissions.

People have used a physical way to set up an auto clicker by rebinding keys and then placing an object (a mouse for example) on those keys to simulate auto clicking.
This isn’t allowed - any form of auto clicking or macro is not allowed and we will no longer accept this form of auto clicking.
Breaking any rules can result in permanent suspension from FriendsSMP.
Do not DDOS, threaten DDOS or any other form of cyber attack on our services.
Do not share personal information about other users without ******** consent from them.
Do not share links, software or any other file that contain viruses, trojans or any form of program that threatens computer security.
Do not intentionally crash or attempt to crash our servers.
Do not share any confidential pages, files or forms.
Do not evade punishment by using alternate accounts.
Allowed Modifications
All modifications listed here are allowed on the server!
- Optifine
- Reis Minimap (or similar)
- Shaders